Customers who come to Maisons du Monde are able to buy stylish furnishings, but that’s not all. They know they will see a responsible offering, featuring certified wood, reclaimed wood and eco-designed products.  They also know that we are committed to giving our furniture a second life, through reuse or recycling.

Design like visionaries
Eco-designed products: green is chic

Eco-design helps reduce the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle, using a multicriteria approach.

Since 2011, we have worked with our main supplier of French sofas to develop our range of eco-designed Roma and Milano sofas: certified wood that stores more carbon, padding made from recycled foam, organic cotton upholstery and a lighter-weight wood frame. The Roma sofa has received the "prix écoproduit” sustainability prize awarded by the French Ministry of Ecology and the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME).

Since the development of the eco-designed sofa, the furniture buyers and designers have learned to include eco-design best practices when designing our creations, in particular when it comes to selecting raw materials. We have also begun compiling the relevant sections of the Eco-Mobilier Guide on Innovation with a View to Recycling to apply the practices to our products.


We also wish to show that eco-design can rhyme with style. In 2016 we rolled out the Maisons du Monde Prizes for sustainable creation, in partnership with Eco-Mobilier, the Association FSC France, the sustainability consulting firm EVEA and the participation of ADEME and the Foundation for Nature and Mankind.

The purpose of the contest is to promote the young talents of tomorrow, help change behaviours by educating people about eco-design and make the sustainable management of wood a key factor in the product offering.

Open to design school students or recent graduates, the contest involves designing a piece of furniture or decorative item, including all the stages of the life cycle of the product: resources, manufacturing, transportation, use, end of life and waste prevention.




  • 10 iconic eco-designed products on the market
Making our sustainable products affordable

The goal of our "Envie d'Eco" line, present in stores and in our catalogue since 2011, is to bring healthy products that protect our natural resources within everyone's reach.

This range includes all of our products containing reclaimed wood and wood traced via TFT as well as our eco-designed items. This range complements our certified wood products, expanding the eco-responsible products available in our catalogue. 56% of our wood furniture was covered by an environmental protection system in 2017.

Discover the items in our "Envie d'Eco” range


envie deco

Our "Envie d'Eco" line also contributes directly to "1% For The Planet". This network of philanthropic entrepreneurs today comprises more than 1,200 companies in more than 40 countries that engage in corporate philanthropy projects for environmental associations. The revenue generated by the "Envie d'Eco" line helps finance projects supported by the Maisons du Monde Foundation.




  • Continue developing our responsible offering, with more certified wood, reclaimed wood and eco-designed products
Reusing products: it’s the (re)cycle of life!

To limit the environmental impact and enhance the social impact of our products, we seek to promote reuse and repair whenever possible to give them a second life for greater solidarity:

  • Our warehouses in St Martin de Crau have a woodworking shop to repair damaged products and customer returns and restore them to new condition,
  • Partnerships with social and solidarity economy organisations specialised in reuse, to which we donate products that we cannot repair. These products are then repaired and resold while helping the employees of these organisations return to work.


What do I do with my old products?

At Maisons du Monde, we pay attention to our products throughout their life cycle and encourage our customers to give them a second life:

  • By donating the products to social and solidarity economy reuse associations, which help extend the life of our products and have a strong social impact
  • By taking them to Ecomobilier recycling drop-off locations

You can find the reuse organisations and Ecomobilier recycling drop-off locations near you on the Ecomobilier website.


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  • Develop stronger partnerships with social and solidarity economy organisations to provide a second life for our products