Because we take care of all environments

Retailing is all about dedicated people, and this is especially true at Maisons du Monde. Our employees have unique expertise and are strongly committed to upholding our values. Our Human Resources policy and CSR policy promote our employees’ professional development, well-being and personal engagement in civic and socially responsible actions.

Commit like enthusiasts
Our HR commitment

We believe that all of our employees help the Group grow, whatever their job or department. Our HR policy supports this growth, transmits the values of our Group and helps create a dynamic work environment where everyone can eagerly participate in the development of the business in a positive spirit.

Find out more about our HR philosophy and Maisons du Monde’s values in our section devoted to Talents.

Make a long-term commitment

Created at the end of 2015, the Maisons du Monde Foundation confirms our long-term commitment to forests and their biodiversity after more than 10 years of patronage. Placed under the aegis of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation, 0.08% of Maisons du Monde’s annual revenue is used to finance its work and it benefits from the expertise of the company’s directors.


The foundation supports projects by NGOs based on three main themes:

  • Preserving forests. It participates in the construction of forest preservation programmes all over the world with and for local communities.
  • Recycling of wood. It supports the social and solidarity economy in order to promote wood and combat poverty and exclusion.
  • Working for the environment. It supports the principle of civic involvement in major environmental challenges so that all, at their own level, are able to act.

Since the start of 2017, our partnership with microDON offers our customers the chance to round up the cost of their purchases at checkout desks and donate a few cents to a project supported by the Maisons du Monde Foundation. At the end of 2019, more than €1 million was collected and 10 million donations were made thanks to our customers support for the Round up operation.


To find out more about the projects supported and the associations’ selection criteria, visit the Maisons du Monde Foundation’s website.



Favour the commitment of employees

In order to involve our staff in the projects we support, we have set up a solidarity project called “Solidariteam”.

Different measures offer employees the opportunity to question their own role and the role of Maisons du Monde in sustainable development. It also offers them the chance to participate in incredible human experiences: with other colleagues, with the members of the NGOs we support, and even with other cultures in the frame of the Solidaritrips programme.


Since 2011, each year, Solidaritrips have offered our employees the chance to enjoy a trip of a lifetime. 16 randomly selected staff members set out to visit a project supported by the Maisons du Monde Foundation. The programme for the stay, defined with the NGO and based on an eco-tourism approach, allows our employees to participate in the association’s activities and immerse themselves in the local populations’ daily lives.



Solidaridays allows employees to spend a day volunteering with a local association with the Maisons du Monde Foundation's partners. These associations welcome the volunteers for a day, introduce them to their structure, and benefit from their help: waste collection for the World Clean’Up Day, tree planting, etc.