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At Maisons du Monde, we believe in people and the value to be found in our differences. We believe that everyone deserves to have every opportunity to grow and develop. As such, we have adopted a human resources management policy where everyone can find their place within a strong collective that promotes diversity and inclusionPromoting equal opportunities is the third commitment of our Good is beautiful movement. 

Promoting inclusion

We care about well-being and employability for all when it comes to the inclusion of people with disabilities, young people and gender equality.


Maisons du Monde encourages the involvement and emancipation of women within the company:

  • 66% of internal employees are women
  • 50% of the company's 100 most senior employees are women
  • We organise various recruitment fairs in collaboration with the Fondation des Femmes (Women's Foundation)


We facilitate the integration and promotion of young people within Maisons du Monde:

  • First promotion of apprentices in partnership with the IGS Group: 29 young people involved
  • A total of 130 young people work at our company 
  • Programm to support 30 young people through skills-based sponsorship


In 2021, we signed a disability agreement and the diversity charter, which complement our third Good is beautiful commitment and is based around four objectives:  

  • Achieving a 4% employment rate of employees with a disability by 2023 
  • Keeping our employees with disabilities in work by involving a support committee for workplace adaptations 
  • Providing training and raising awareness about disabilities among all of our teams on a regular basis  
  • Use companies that work primarily with people with disabilities for inclusive and responsible purchasing 
Promoting well-being and success

Every Maisons du Monde employee has the right to feel good at work and to prove themselves. This is why we have backed proximity management and implemented the management charter, which is now shared internally through our "Let's manage" and "Chef d'orchestre" programmes. The aim is to provide support and promote interaction between managers and employees. 

Maisons du Monde also encourages internal mobility and training to allow everyone to thrive. 433 employees were promoted internally in 2020, and we have created an internal training programme for future store managers.

Our ambition

We aim to support the mentoring of 500 young people by 2025.