With Envol Vert, in Colombia, help local communities protect the last remaining forest habitat of the cotton-top tamarin monkey.

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After the 6 projects selected by the panel of experts from the Maisons du Monde Foundation, the employees were invited to vote for the next 4 associations supported by the Arrondi Round up at the Register program in Maisons du Monde stores. The association Envol Vert is a favourite of the employees and will be supported by Arrondi starting on Tuesday 3 April.

Starting on Tuesday 3 April, 100% of the micro-donations made via the Arrondi Round up at the Register program will be donated to the association Envol Vert for their project “In Colombia, protect the last remaining forest habitat of the cotton-top tamarin monkey”.

Selected during the 2018 Call for Projects by the Maisons du Monde Foundation to receive three years of support, this project is run by Envol Vert, a forest conservation and biodiversity NGO, in the world’s most disadvantaged countries and in France.

Singe titi tamarin
The project supported in 2018

The Envol Vert project aims to protect and restore the tropical rainforest in Colombia. The association supports local communities in setting up agroforestry projects. 150 families of farmers are involved in this project.

Agroforestry is a farming method that combines agricultural crops and trees. The farmers plant trees in and around their fields to help the crops grow better naturally, without chemicals. The farmers thus participate in reforestation activities! Under this system the farmers not only grow more food, but also replant trees in the tropical forest.

The final goal of Envol Vert is to give local communities the resources to protect the forest while improving their living conditions. The farmers involved in the project form a network and can transmit their knowledge to other farmers, on agroforestry and protecting the tropical forest in Colombia.

Envol Vert - parcelle agroécologique

The funds from the Maisons du Monde Foundation will help: 

  • Set up agroforestry systems and plant more than 80,000 trees.

  • Develop economic activities based on forest conservation to improve the living conditions of the local communities, such as the manufacture and sale of preserves made from the fruit growing in these fields.

  • Train the farmers in agroforestry practices.


For more information, visit the association website: http://envol-vert.org/en/


Envol Vert - Les bénéficiaires du projet