After the Cœur de Forêt association, it is now the turn of the Foyer Notre-Dame des Sans-Abri to be supported by L'ARRONDI in all Maisons du Monde stores. L’ARRONDI is a micro-donation system for major causes: every centime counts and helps to finance projects selected by the Maisons du Monde Foundation!
Thank you for your donations to the Cœur de Forêt association!

From 16 May to 14 September 2017, the Cœur de Forêt association collected more than 140 000 euros from customer donations, exceeding its collection objective.

Your donations are fully transferred to the Cœur de Forêt association and used to:

  • Plant 100 000 trees
  • Train 600 producers on agroforestry principles
  • Make 200 children aware of the need to protect forests

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You can now support the Foyer Notre-Dame des Sans-Abri

From 15 September and up to 14 January 2018 inclusive, 100 % of your "micro-donations" will be transferred to the Association Foyer Notre-Dame des Sans-Abris for its project "Le mobilier de 2mains".

The Notre-Dame shelter's project aims to propose qualifying training courses on furniture repair to persons in the process of professional reinsertion. By offering them the opportunity to learn how to restore wooden furniture, the Notre-Dame shelter has a mission which is therefore both social and environmental. It helps people in situations of exclusion to find a job and reintegrate into society, while at the same giving a second life to furniture which would otherwise have been thrown away!


Two Professional Qualification Certificates have now been created through this project: "Trainer of furniture and decorative object restorers" and "Furniture and decorative object restorer".

This project is implemented with:

  • Eco-mobilier for their expertise in the collection and restoration of old furniture
  • The UNAMA (the French national union of crafts in the furniture trade) to set up training courses for persons in situations of insertion.

The Foyer Notre-Dame des Sans-Abri is the project pilot structure, which is testing this new system for 3 years. This partnership will offer the association's employees training and the possibility of obtaining a diploma. This initiative will eventually be deployed throughout France for all associations in this sector of activity: they will therefore be able to propose to persons in the process of professional reinsertion a training course recognised by the State leading to a new innovating trade!


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