Maisons du Monde Hôtel & Suites opens its doors in Marseille
Following the opening of its first hotel in the heart of Nantes in May 2019, a new Maisons du Monde Hôtel & Suites opened its doors on the Old Port of Marseille on 19 January 2021. Behind this project lies an ambitious duo—independent hotel group Vicartem and the Maisons du Monde decoration and furnishing brand—who worked together to create a stylish and welcoming new location.

Building on the success of the hotel and suites in Nantes, Vicartem decided to extend the experience in Marseille, combining its hotel expertise with the art de vivre offered by Maisons du Monde. The hotel, boasting 62 rooms, has therefore been fully furnished with pieces and decorative items from the brand, creating a warm and unique atmosphere.

The "Maisons du Monde Hôtel & Suites" concept is now well and truly established thanks to this second location. From Nantes to Marseille, a distinctive feel is emerging, but each hotel still has its own, unique atmosphere.

Located in the heart of the city and designed to feel like home, anyone with a love of style and a focus on well-being will feel welcome in this place in these suites, whether away on business or leisure trips, co working or meeting up after work.

A friendly atmosphere, attentive service and elegance can be found on every floor and at all times of the day. Here, it feels just like home... but even better.

Chambre hôtel

A real showcase of the expertise of Vicartem and Maisons du Monde Business (the department that works with hotel, restaurant, office and retail professionals), the hotel in Marseille opens up many decoration possibilities.

Five styles of rooms with names inspired by the Provence or the Mediterranean region

Five styles of rooms are available, with names inspired by the Mediterranean or the Provence region. Travellers wanting a soft, natural feel might choose the Saint Rémy room, while those who appreciate classic charm with contemporary accents could go for the Loumarin room. Guests looking for a peaceful atmosphere will be swept off their feet by the Gordes room. For those bringing the whole tribe, these styles are also available as family rooms.

Welcoming shared spaces

Travellers will also appreciate the hotel’s shared spaces. A lounge, with its bar, bookcase and large tables, offers guests the chance to relax, have meetings or socialise. The quiet reception area features sofas where guests can relax and wait for appointments, fireplaces for a cosy feel and bookcases to add even more character.

To follow in the footsteps of the hotel in Nantes and feel "just like home", a shared kitchen will allow guests to prepare breakfast in a modern, fully equipped space, should they wish to do so.

Services designed for a pleasant stay

When it comes to services, everything has been designed for a thoroughly pleasant stay. As soon as guests arrive, they benefit from a personalised, digitalised welcome. With a simple tap on a tablet from a member of staff, travellers can access their cosy nest.

The rooms are filled with thoughtful touches: an espresso machine for savouring the hotel roaster’s delicious coffee and room service offering bistro-style mason jars featuring organic and local products. Small dogs and cats are also welcome.

Sustainable development is a priority throughout, with furniture from environmentally friendly sources, eco-friendly bathroom products and local food products delivered in short-distance, green delivery chains.

"It is such a pleasure to open this new hotel in the Phocean City of Marseille, an historical city with a bright future. This second location gives the "Maisons du Monde Hôtel & Suites" concept, developed in collaboration with our partner Vicartem, the prestige it deserves. With this magnificent project, Maisons du Monde has once again been able to show its expertise in creating inspiring and welcoming living spaces" said Julie Walbaum, Chief Executive Officer of Maisons du Monde
"We are delighted to open the doors of this new hotel. Our teams have poured their energy, hearts and souls into this project, and have done so during an especially challenging time. It is the result of a fruitful collaboration with Maisons du Monde and its Business team. Our partnership allows us to design high-quality hotels with a real personality, offering our customers a unique experience" said Céline and Sébastien Meslin, founders and owners of Vicartem

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