Maisons du Monde was awarded the Judges' Special Grand Prize for the creation of its Foundation at the R AWARDS ceremony last December.
The Judges' Special Grand Prize awarded to Maisons du Monde

The organisers highlighted the innovative aspect of the Foundation and the actions carried out by Maisons du Monde"More than a foundation, it is an innovative initiative to get employees and customers engaged in a collaborative philanthropic action. With a target set at 1,000 employees to have participated in solidarity activities by 2020, Maisons du Monde has chosen to give meaning to the projects it supports by getting its employees engaged through team building in Southern countries in the form of collective solidarity leaves or solidarity days…"

Fabienne Morgaut

Since 2010, the Club Génération Responsable®, the R AWARDS aim to reward businesses which have demonstrated and set up an initiative in favour of sustainable development in the preceding year, in one or more of the defined categories. The categories are: responsible purchases, social HR, energy improvement, waste management, responsible point of sale, sustainable mobility and responsible communication.

The Maisons du Monde Foundation

Launched in 2016, the Maisons du Monde Foundation under the aegis of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation for nature and men is dedicated to the conservation of forests and the reuse of wood as a material.

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