The Maisons du Monde Foundation under the aegis of the Nicolas Foundation Hulot for Nature and Man, was officially launched on Tuesday 31 May 2016 in Nantes. Review of this event, which officialises our commitment in favour of forests, handicraft in Southern countries and the promotion of wood as a raw material in distribution countries.
Why the Nicolas Hulot Foundation?

The mission statement of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation for Nature and Man is set out as follows: "contribute to the transformation of our societies through a change in individual and collective behaviours. The objective of this transformation is to ensure the protection of our common natural heritage, the fair sharing of resources, solidarity and respect for diversity in all its forms". Values and commitments in favour of sustainable development that Maisons du Monde shares and which led it to get its Foundation hosted by the FNH, thus becoming the very first foundation to be hosted by the FNH.

"I couldn't hope for a better partner for Maisons du Monde to lead our philanthropic action at the service of the environment". Xavier Marie, Founder of Maisons du Monde.


Nicolas Hulot, special guest at this official presentation, underlined the complementarity between his Foundation and that of Maisons du Monde with emphasis on the mutual benefits to be derived from this collaboration.

Left to right Fabienne Morgaut, CSR Director of Maisons du Monde and the Maisons du Monde Foundation under the aegis of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation, Nicolas HulotXavier Marie, Founder of Maisons du Monde and Chairman of the Maisons du Monde Foundation under the aegis of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation and Gilles Petit, CEO of Maisons du Monde. 

Budget and means of action?

In keeping with the solidarity actions undertaken by Maisons du Monde since 2010, the objective of the Maisons du Monde Foundation is to support seven projects every year and to monitor them over three years, with substantial financing up to a maximum of €30k per project per year.

These projects are in addition to the NGOs and actions that Maisons du Monde has supported for several years, and which will now be financed and supported by the Maisons du Monde Foundation.



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