In Indonesia, the Planète Urgence association works with local populations to restore forests along the coastline of the island of Borneo. Discover this great project!

From 17 February 2020, 100% of the micro-donations received via the Round up operation will be paid to the Planète Urgence association for its project “Restoring the forests of the Borneo coastline”.

The project led by Planète Urgence

Home to a large percentage of the world’s biodiversity, the tropical forest of the island of Borneo is under threat from human activities along its coastline (animal breeding, oil business, etc.). These activities are particularly damaging to the mangrove, a forest that grows in the water.

To restore the mangrove and protect its environment, Planète Urgence’s project is to replant trees with the help of local populations. The association also wants to offer populations alternative economic activities, such as sustainable shrimp farming.

Plantation d'arbres à Bornéo, en Indonésie

The funds collected via the Round up operation will help to:

  • Plant 135,000 trees in order to restore the natural area of the mangrove
  • Train 45 farmers in planting techniques
  • Train 30 fishermen in sustainable shrimp farming
  • Raise awareness among 800 schoolchildren and 3,000 villagers of the challenges of climate change


To find out more, visit the project page on the Maisons du Monde Foundation website or the association’s website!

L'association Planète Urgence participe à la plantation de mangroves avec l'aide des populations locales