"Inspiring everyone to open up to the world, so that we create unique, heartful and sustainable places, together."

At Maisons du Monde, we have decided to make exuberance and your happiness our top priorities.
At Maisons du Monde, we have decided to make exuberance and your happiness our top priorities.

The result of a collaborative process, our company purpose articulates how we contribute to society. It guides how we define our strategy and helps us make decisions.

Our company purpose mission statement 

« In a complex world driven by societal changes and environmental challenges, companies must play their part in transforming our production and consumption models. Our vision for the future is one where companies’ strategic goals go beyond their own interests. 

At Maisons du Monde we are convinced that being open to others and the world is a powerful source of fulfillment. Openness lets us cultivate and express our uniqueness while staying curious about others and respecting the choices and needs of all. With this attitude, dialogue is possible and human connections deepen. We have always strived to make style available to everybody in a generous and lighthearted way, so that everyone can express their personality through homes full of emotions and stories. 

Today we want our homes to be beautiful, original, and joyful, but also more respectful of the planet and people. We want to contribute with you to create a world that is positive, harmonious, and sustainable, where it feels good to live and grow. We dream of places that offer more than simple shelters to sleep or work, we dream of and create places where we live, share and experiment, places where humans can flourish and be the best versions of themselves. 

We are creative committed and optimist people. Because both the earth and people inspire us, and because we don’t want to have to choose between them, we have decided to put style and commitment at the heart of all of what we do. 

Inspiring everyone to open up to the world, so that we create unique, heartful and sustainable places, together.

This is our purpose. This is why we get up every morning. We know that the road is long, and we travel it with humility, but also with enthusiasm. 

Let’s create the company of the future: desirable and sustainable, all at the same time»



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A company purpose that lives and breathes 


Our company purpose guides our strategic decisions and all of our actions. It is embodied in everything we do and serves as a message to all our stakeholders: 

  • our customers: through an increasingly inspirational range of products designed to respect both the environment and humankind, through services and advice to help customers create the environments in which they live, and through our commitment to a more circular economy. 
  • our employees: through our "MdM Academy" training facility, which helps our teams grow and supports our customers, and by exemplifying our values every day through our commitment to equal opportunities. 
  • our partners and suppliers: through prioritising sustainable business relationships with our partners that showcase their expertise, and by supporting our suppliers on corporate and environmental issues. 
  • the planet and society: through our decade-old CSR commitment to reduce the environmental impact of all business activity, to take action to protect forests and trees via the Maisons du Monde Foundation and to help in building welcoming places for everyone to live with our community partners. 
  • our shareholders and financial partners: through making ESG criteria an essential part of our sustainable value creation model, and through including non-financial performance in our decision-making and governance processes.