What is a General Meeting?

General Meetings are an opportunity to meet and discuss with the directors of the companies of which you are shareholders and to participate in the company’s decisions by voting on proposed resolutions presented. Any shareholder may participate in a General Meeting, regardless of the number of shares they hold.

There are three types of General Meeting:

The Ordinary General Meeting (OGM):

An ordinary general meeting (OGM) is convened at least once a year. Its main purpose is to approve the accounts for the past financial year, decide on the allocation of income, to determine the dividend amount and to make appointments and reappointments of the Directors and Statutory Auditors. The approval of the annual accounts must take place within six months of the end of the financial year. At the OGM, decisions are taken by a majority of votes of the shareholders present or represented.


The Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM):

An extraordinary general meeting (EGM) is convened occasionally, when the company needs to obtain shareholder approval for a special transaction (a change of its articles of association, increase in its capital or a merger etc.). At the EGM, decisions are taken by two-thirds majority of the shareholders present or represented


The Combined General Meeting (OGM AND EGM):

A combined general meeting (CGM) is when the two meetings are held at the same time.

How are you informed that a General Meeting is being held?

Two means of communication can be used to inform you of the date of the General Meeting:

  • The advance meeting notice is published at least thirty-five days before the date of the General Meeting in the Balo (Bulletin of mandatory legal notices). The latter can be viewed at the following website: www.journal-officiel.gouv.fr. The notice of meeting is published at least two weeks before the date of the General Meeting.
  • The notice of meeting is automatically sent by email to all registered (directly or administered) shareholders. 
What are the procedures for attending the General Meeting?

To be entitled to attend the General Meeting, you must prove your shareholder status by registering your shares in your name on account:

  • In the records of registered shares held for the Company by its agent, SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE SECURITIES SERVICES,
  • In the records of bearer shares held by the financial intermediary with whom your shares are registered on account.

To facilitate access control formalities, you will need to apply for an admission card from your financial intermediary. This is essential for you to be admitted to the General Meeting and to be able to vote at it.

If you are a holder of registered shares:

It is important that your shares are registered for least two trading days prior to the General Meeting with SGSS, manager of Maisons du Monde’s shares. SGSS will then send you the General Meeting notice direct to your registered address, together with your postal or proxy voting form containing the admission card application. Complete the form requesting to attend the General Meeting and you will then receive the admission card. On the day of the General Meeting, don’t forget to carry your admission card.


If you are a holder of bearer shares:

As for holders of registered shares, you must hold your shares for at least two trading days prior to the General Meeting. To participate, you must ask your financial intermediary to send a certificate confirming your shareholder status to SGSS. The latter will send you your admission card. On the day of the General Meeting, don’t forget to carry your admission card. 


In both cases, if you have not been able to make the arrangements in advance of the General Meeting, you have the opportunity on the day of the General Meeting to present your certificate confirming your shareholder status, to be issued with an admission card enabling you to attend the General Meeting.

What if you cannot attend a General Meeting?

If you cannot attend the General Meeting, you can be represented there:

  • By a natural or legal person of your choosing,
  • By the Chairperson of the Meeting.

To do this, you can use the distance voting form.

You can also vote by post by sending the duly completed and signed distance voting form (and accompanied by the certificate of shareholding for bearer shares) to SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE SECURITIES SERVICES.