Our ambition

To reduce our carbon intensity by 25% by 2025

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At Maisons du Monde, we are aware that deep and lasting change requires us to transform our internal processes. Each and every day, we work to reduce our environmental footprint by changing our practices. From how we transport our products, to our energy consumption at points of sale and our waste management, all of our business lines work to help build a cleaner, better world every day. Transforming our business lines to reduce our environmental footprint is our fifth Good is beautiful commitment. 

Reducing our waste

Action plans are implemented in each stage of our business to reduce waste: 

  • In our logistics chain. We work with our suppliers and transport providers to optimise our packaging while still providing adequate protection for products during shipping. 
  • In our stores. In 2022, 92% of our stores were recycling waste and 53% of waste from our stores and warehouses was sent to be recycled. We also encourage our employees to get involved by raising awareness and providing training for sorting waste. 
  • With our customers. To reduce the impact of the packaging we use at the cash desk, it either carries an environmental certification or label. Recycling instructions are included on the bags we give to our customers. 
Consuming less energy

We are reducing our energy consumption across all our activities:

  • In our warehouses. We optimise the energy efficiency of buildings right from the start, in the design phase. As a result of this approach, we were awarded HQE (High Environmental Quality) and BREEAM certifications at the warehouse we opened most recently in 2016.
  • In our stores. We are reducing our consumption by using more energy-efficient lighting (LED), by modernising heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, and by implementing good environmental practices with the help of our network of in-store CSR experts.
  • At our own factory in Mekong. We use more energy-efficient equipment, in particular for lighting (LED) and our drying ovens.
  • In our travel and transport. 100% of our light vehicle fleet is made up of hybrid or electric vehicles.
Reducing our carbon footprint

Aware of the impact that our activities have on climate change, we are committed to a voluntary climate strategy.

In addition to reducing the energy required for our activities, we have integrated renewable energies into our commitment to reduce our "direct" greenhouse gas emissions (known as "Scope 1 and 2" emissions). 99,7% of our stores are therefore powered by renewable energy and all of our French stores were awarded ISO 50001 certification in 2021

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Looking beyond "direct" emissions, the activities of our suppliers and service providers represent a large percentage of our "indirect" greenhouse gas emissions (known as "Scope 3" emissions). To reduce these emissions, our work today focuses on three main areas of impact:

  • The transport of products: opting for more environmentally friendly transport methods and optimising loads and logistic flows. We are involved in the FRET21 initiative to reduce CO2 emissions from our downstream transport.
  • The environmental footprint of products: measuring the carbon impact of distributed products, eco-design and use of recycled materials.
  • Travel by our customers to our stores: supporting the development of soft mobility and locating stores as near to customers as possible.

Our commitment to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 has been approved by the Science Based Target Initiative. We are also committed to reducing our carbon intensity by 25% by 2025.

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CSR experts in our stores

In order to meet the ambitions of our environmental policy and to demonstrate our commitment to our teams and customers, we set up in 2017 a network of CSR experts in all our stores. This network promotes our actions among employees and customers and also creates a link between head office departments and employees in the field.

Day-to-day, the role of our CSR experts is to introduce concrete actions to reduce the environmental impact of our points of sale, and to communicate and encourage the sharing of good practices between stores.

This network of experts extends across all our stores in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Luxembourg.

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