The Envol Vert association succeeds the Jane Goodall Institute for ARRONDI en caisse in all our French stores. The destination is Peru, where the association works with local communities to preserve the Amazon rainforest and its biodiversity.

Since 23 February, 100% of the ARRONDI en caisse micro-donations have gone to Envol Vert in support of its project to preserve the Amazon rainforest and its biodiversity in Peru.

About the Envol Vert project


The Amazon is the world's largest tropical rainforest and it alone is home to almost half of the Earth's biodiversity. The Amazon also plays a fundamental role in regulating the climate and new diseases known as zoonoses, for example COVID-19. And yet deforestation continues at breakneck speed.


In Peru (the country with the second-largest area of the Amazon rainforest after Brazil), the main cause of deforestation is the expansion of agricultural plots and the illegal logging of precious wood, supplying the black market. The precarious position of local populations also contributes to the destruction of the forest.

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Donations from the ARRONDI en caisse campaign will help Envol Vert fight deforestation in three regions of Peru by:

  • Protecting the endemic biodiversity of the rainforest in areas of intervention, including the 40,000-ha Yanayacu-Maquia conservation area;
  • Establishing diversified and productive agroforestry systems, as well as cost-effective alternatives to deforestation;
  • Building the skills of civil society stakeholders through scientific research, training and the networking of Amazon rainforest products.


For more information, you can go to the project page on the Foundation's website or the association's website.

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