The five pillars of the Good is beautiful movement

Because we want our homes to be as happy as they are responsible, as stylish as they are engaged, as trendy as they are sustainable, and because we love our planet as much as those who live in it, we have decided to take our part in the change.

Picto commitment 1Commitment #1: Offering a collection that's stylish and sustainable

To benefit both our customers and the planet, we will continue to develop good and beautiful products while making style more accessible in a fun, heartfelt way. Our interiors deserve to be both stylish and sustainable, which is why we are committed to offering eco-friendly products that are made in Europe or products which help preserve knowledge and skills both locally and globally.

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Picto Engagement 2

Commitment #2 : Acting with grassroots associations to protect the environment and help those in need

We firmly believe that companies have a role to play in society and as such, we support grassroots associations. Together, we work to protect forests and trees across the world and help provide those who need it most with welcoming and safe places to live.

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Picto Engagement 3

Commitment #3 : Promoting equal opportunities 

We believe in people and the value to be found in our differences, as well as the idea that everyone deserves to have every opportunity to grow and develop. As such, we have adopted a more inclusive human resources management policy which promotes equality, diversity and brings out the best in people. Together, we are stronger. 

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Picto Engagement 4

Commitment #4 : Offering a circular and social life cycle in the interests of solidarity

Our products deserve to last and to live many lives. As such, we have set up a service for repairing and refurbishing our products and will soon be launching a second-hand range. We also work with the social and solidarity economy to encourage re-use.

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Picto Engagement 5

Commitment #5 : Transforming our business lines to reduce our environmental footprint

Deep and lasting change requires us to transform our internal processes, so each and every day, we work to reduce our environmental footprint by changing our practices. From how we transport our products, to our energy consumption at points of sale and our waste management, all of our business lines work to help build a cleaner, better world every day. 

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